Out of the Mouth of Babes
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How Do You Know That Bishop Clark is a Man of God and Why is He Your Hero?

The children at the Church in the Round were asked this question in preparing for the Children's Banquet. Below, you can read their candid responses.

Bishop Clark wants us to prosper and oh how he do preach the Word of God. (Leola Nickols)

Bishop is my hero because he brings joy in everything he does and says. He is a wonderful person. He takes part in a lot of people's lives. He is a magnificent person and is in everyone's heart. And he takes interest in young people's lives. (Chrissy Gilliam)

Bishop is a man of God to me because he prayed when I fell off my bike and God answered my prayer and I don't have a mark on my face now. He is my hero because he follows the Word of God and is an example to those who follow him. I know he's a man of God because God hears his prayer. Happy 40th. (Kenyatta Bazmore)

I like to hear him preach and I know that he's truly a man of God. He does a lot of nice things for people. Because of Bishop Clark, I like to read my Bible and my Bible storybooks to learn more about God. I remember when I was younger my grandfather (Willie Lee) would walk me over to see Bishop. I wish I could see him everyday. (Lazett Lee)

Dear Bishop, I love you because you have blessed me. Because you have blessed me in a way that I like it and I love that. (P.J. Johnson)

Bishop Clark is my hero because he is very confident and he brings joy to everybody's heart. He is also blessing my family all the time. He is a waymaker. He is calm about everything. He also preaches in demonstration. That is why he is my hero. I love you very much Bishop. (Celese Saunders)

What Bishop Clark is to me...he's like a father, brother, uncle. He's a special Bishop, he's not like other Bishops. He's not fake, he has a word that sticks to your bones. He has a voice that you never forget. He's the best man of God you'll ever see. And he loves us. How do I know? His phrase is "bless your bones"! (Chancelor Humphrey)

What my Bishop means to me is a father and a special person. He is always encouraging me about my singing and blessing me with what I need for my trips. Thank you for blessing me. (Alyssa Beauford)

Dear Bishop, I love you very much. You are my hero because you believe in God, and in church you know what you are talking about. But you know that God loves you, but I will believe in you. I love you. (Sharnicka Meyers)

Dear Bishop, you are my hero. I look up to you as my role model. I know there are many great pastors, but you were just born to be a special preacher. You are a great man of God. You are also like a father to me. You are most encouraging. (Terika Swanson)

He prays for me. He gives me candy. He blesses me. He prays for my mom and dad. (Shawn Swanson)

I think he is my man of God because he is my preacher and he prays for my family and he is sometimes funny. He prayed for me when I was sick and that is why I think Bishop is my man of God. (Jeremy Johnson)

I love Bishop because he prayed for me when I was sick. He is my hero because he saved me from all sin and he preaches the Word of God. (Marja Johnson)

Bishop is my man of God because he is a good man and he cares for everybody and I love him. (David Meyers)

I love Bishop in my heart because he is a good Bishop. He blesses us when he preaches. We are happy for him on his anniversary. (Zamonte Lewis)

He's a good person. He tells me how to be a good girl. He loves all the little children. (Shekinah Lewis)

Bishop is my hero because he hells the young people understand the Word of God. There is no other Bishop like Bishop Clark in the whole world!!!!! He is smart, loving, strong-willed, and powerful. He heals the sick and helps the poor. He prays for everybody and everybody prays for him. Bishop loves and cares for us and hopes that all good things come to good people. (Chrissy Gilliam)

Bishop Clark is my hero. He is the greatest pastor in the world! He helps everybody if they have problems. He heals the sick and helps the poor. He teaches the Word of God. He is very special. He makes me feel special too. Bishop Clark once prayed for me when I was a baby. He prayes so I would live and have a good life. I love Bishop Clark, my hero. (Taylor Price)

Bishop Clark is my hero because he teaches us about Jesus. He makes me laugh and he gives us food after church and he is pretty. (Kira Johnson)

Bishop Clark is my hero because when I was a baby I was sick and he prayed for me and I was healed. I thank God for Bishop Clark. (Charaye Gilliam)

Bishop is the best pastor ever. Why? Well that's easy to say. He prays for us, he heals us and he feeds us with the Word of God. If you have been stuck in a situation that you think there's no way out, think again because Bishop will pray and pray and pray until it comes to pass. I think I speak for everyone when I say, Bishop, we love you and care for you. (Cory Dulaney)

I love my Bishop. (Anisa Beauford)

Bishop Clark is a very meticulous person. He preaches and teaches the Word of God. Also he teaches us to excel in church and school. He teaches the Word of God so it reaches our level. He's very inspiring. He teaches us to reach for your dream and never give up. Don't give up on your God-given dream. (Ashley Beauford)

Bishop is special and he's a good pastor. I love him so much. He's a great grandpap. I hope Bishop has a good life. (Amarys Dixon)