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The Church in the Round

Evangelistic outreach

The Evangelistic Outreach Ministry is comprised of a diverse group of men and women with various gifts and callings whom God has brought together as an Evangelistic Team. And as disciples under authority who have been taught and instructed in the word by their pastor Bishop Melvin E. Clark at the Church in the Round in Aliquippa, PA, they understand the need to be equipped to do the work of the “Great Commission” to “go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” to be in the world but not of it, yet reaching out to the world with the love of God and the gospel of the Kingdom. Because God’s word is eternal and relevant to every generation, they understood that methods change but the message remains the same. So with a sincere burden for souls they go out beyond the walls of the church to the streets in the power and anointing of God preaching the gospel to impact the lives of those that hear with faith to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, so that ultimately they too can become disciples equipped to go out and impact the lives of others.


The ministry they do on the streets consists of lively gospel music, passing out tracts, ministering to individuals and preaching the gospel to many, offering prayer for salvation and needs, live gospel groups, interpretive and street dance, poetry to music, gospel rap, food and refreshments and on occasion videos of gospel concerts.


In recent years God has been expanding their ministry through their indoor evangelistic services, using them to go into the churches compelling, inspiring and encouraging the saints to embrace and do the work of the “Great Commission” to impact the communities that surround their local churches for Jesus Christ. And they don’t just talk about it, but they go and help other ministries by sharing out of their experiences, and in demonstration of what they preach and teach, they conduct street services with the saints of those local churches that they minister at, so that God will have unto himself a people in every place as ambassadors for Christ, going forth as beacons of light, expressing his love toward a lost and dying world.

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Evangelistic Team
Team Leader: Elder Dennis Reid
Raymond Jones, Hope Harvey, Rebecca Freeman, Lamar Cummings Jr., Michelle Lee, Beatrice Young, Michael Smith, Tonawanda Korff, Paul Edwards, Sharon Sligh, Robert Beauford, Annette Glenn, Kevin Hurt, Johnnie Mae Roberts, Charmin Gilliam, Joann Abercrombie, Eileen Cummings, Betty Alexander, Gloria Lewis, Joette Harvey, Bonnie Reid, Brian Long, Cheryl Hurt, Rondell Edwards, Mary Hayes, Lillian Crawford

Street Service Photos

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